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The PRO-FORMANCE wheels by JMKRIDE are a real game changer!
We had been dreaming of such a wheel for years. Not because the CLASSIC wheels were any bad at all, but because we were confident that the unique rounded shape would make an already incredibly nimble ride so much smoother. And it did. The matt finish does not only look good, in combination with the shape, you will find that your wheels bring more grip onto the street. Ride harder AND smoother at the same time! With the PROFORMANCE wheel you will be riding like it was “meant to be”.

Which wheel you use is your choice and may depend on your style of riding. The shape is the only difference between CLASSIC and PROFORMANCE wheels. Both are made from high quality materials, both feature a center-set hub and both will have you fly over the asphalt turning heads!

  • 78a high quality PU
  • 73 x 43 mm
  • center-set hub
  • compatible with all Free Skates and Longboards.

Bearings and screw kit are not included.

  • If other than the original JMKRIDE parts are used for the assembly of a skate, the guarantee and the liability claim expire.
  • Color deviations possible

Price per piece!


JMKRIDE CLASSIC Wheels give you perfect stability and can be better suited for certain tricks, as your skate will be able to roll upright “on its own”. Perfect for one footer combos and flip tricks.
JMKRIDE PROFORMANCE Wheels are a unique innovation. They give our skates that signature smooth and flowy feeling. PROFORMANCE wheels give you more grip and let you achieve higher speeds with less effort.


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