Please read these Terms and Conditions of Sale carefully before placing an order. By confirming that you have read and accepted these Terms of Sale when you submit an order through the website, you confirm your unconditional acceptance of these Terms of Sale. If you need further information, don’t hesitate to contact us by email to

General Terms & Conditions of Sale of the company twenty4action – Unger & Cardenas Alfonso GbR

    1. Validity and definition
      1. These Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to the purchase and shipping of products sold our website, with no regard to the buyer’s location or country. This includes the forwarding addresses and
      2. The following Terms and Conditions in effect on the date of order are valid for all purchases and shipments between us and a consumer. A consumer is every person that enters into contract by making a purchase for his/her predominantly personal reasons, excluding any professional or commercial purpose (§ 13 BGB).
    2. Entering into contract, storage of contract details
      1. The following rules define the entering into contract with us by making purchases in our online shop or through the forwarding addresses sowie
      2. Any contract a customer enters into will be concluded with
        Unger & Cardenas Alfonso GbR
        Breslauer Str. 37
        63128 Dietzenbach
        as a contracting party.
      3. The presentation of products in our online shop is not a legally binding contract offer from our side but a nonbinding invitation for the consumer to order products. By placing an order, the consumer makes a legally binding offer to enter into a contract of purchase and thereby accepts the prices and descriptions of products purchased as well as the Terms and Conditions of Sale in effect on the date of the order. In case of an obvious mistake in the product price, the vendor reserves the right to cancel the purchase of this product, at no charge for the customer.
      4. The following rules apply for the ordering of goods from our online shop: The customer makes a legally binding contract offer by successfully finishing the order process in our online shop. The order process includes the following steps:
        1. Choice of desired products.
        2. Confirmation by clicking the button “Add to cart”.
        3. Optionally entering the shopping cart by clicking the button “Shopping cart” or “View cart“.
        4. Clicking the button “Checkout“ or “Proceed to checkout“.
        5. Entering the customer’s billing data in the section “Billing details”.
        6. Choice of shipping address via checkbox “Ship to a different address?“.
        7. Choice of the payment method under “Your order” and confirmation by clicking the respective button “PayPal” or “Credit & Debit Cards”. If “PayPal” is selected, the customer has a choice of different payment options depending on the country of origin and/or place of residence, from which he/she must select one by clicking on the respective button. If “Credit & Debit Cards” is selected, the customer must enter the card details directly on the checkout page.
        8. Accepting the Terms and Conditions of Sale by checking the checkbox “I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions“.
        9. Placement of binding order by clicking of the button “Place order“.
      5. The order process can be shortcut by clicking the yellow button “PayPal” on product pages, in the shopping cart, or in the dropdown menu of the shopping cart, which initiates a direct payment through PayPal (PayPal Checkout) and forwards the customer directly to PayPal.
      6. Before bindingly placing an order, the consumer can cancel the order process by closing the internet browser. After reception of your order we will confirm and thereby accept your offer by an automatically generated email .
      7. The details of your order will be sent to you via email. You can review the Terms and Conditions of Sale on at any time. For security reasons, your order details will not be accessible via the internet.
    3. Prices, shipping costs, payment, due date, taxes, maturity
      1. All prices are subject to change without prior notice. The prices in our shop include Value Added Tax (VAT). The price of products does not include delivery costs of the order which remain payable by the customer, and which can vary depending on the country or region the customer is located in. The total price indicated on the final screen of the payment process and in the confirmation receipt of the order includes taxes and shipping costs. Upon arrival in the destination country, further tax and duties may be applied, which will be the customer’s responsibility to clear.
      2. If the customer’s delivery destination is located on an island, additional shipping fees may occur. In this case, we will contact the customer with detailed shipping prices by email after the order has been placed. In case the customer is not willing to pay these additional shipping fees, they may choose to withdraw from the contract.
      3. Depending on the country of origin and/or place of residence, the consumer has the option of payment via PayPal (PayPal account, PayPal instalment payment, PayPal pay later, purchase on account, SEPA direct debit, giropay or their foreign counterparts, instant transfer) as well as debit & credit card or PayPal direct purchase (PayPal Checkout). Regardless of the payment method, by completing the order the buyer undertakes to pay the total price displayed within 7 days. Otherwise the order will be cancelled automatically. The goods will only be dispatched or personalised products created after receipt of payment.
      4. If the consumer has chosen payment by PayPal, he/she will be directed to the PayPal website by clicking the button “Order with costs” or the yellow direct purchase button “PayPal”, where the payment process can be completed. Any transfer or bank charges are to be borne in full by the customer.
      5. For invoice amounts of 99€ – 5000€, payment by installments via PayPal may be available for customers with a German PayPal account linked to a German bank account as a source of payment. The monthly installments can be calculated previous to purchase by clicking on the banner “PayPal Ratenzahlung“.
    4. Delivery
      1. Unless we have clearly stated otherwise in the product description, all items we offer are ready for immediate dispatch. We ship 1-2 times per week. Delivery within Germany usually takes place within 10 working days after receipt of payment. For deliveries to other countries the delivery time can increase up to 30 days. Customs controls can extend this period. The delivery period begins on the day after receipt of payment. If the deadline falls on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday at the place of delivery, the deadline ends on the next working day. A working day is defined as any Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday that is not a public holiday under German law. Irrespective of the stated delivery time, delays may occur in the case of shipments subject to customs duties due to customs clearance. If an ordered item is not in stock or cannot be delivered on time, we will contact the consumer and offer a cancellation and refund to the consumer if necessary.
      2. The risk of loss or deterioration of the ordered product is transferred to the consumer only at the time of completed delivery of the product.
    5. Reservation of ownership
      We reserve ownership of the goods until complete payment of the buying price has been realized.
    6. Instruction of rights of revocation
      Consumers have the following rights of revocation, a consumer being every person that enters into contract by making a purchase for his/her predominantly personal reasons, excluding any professional or commercial purpose:

      1. Rights of revocation for the customer
        You have the right to withdraw from contract without stating any reasons within 14 days starting from the day of receipt of shipment by you or any third person that was authorized by you to receive the goods.
        To exercise your right of revocation you must declare the revocation of your contractual statement in text from (e.g. letter, email) to
        Unger & Cardenas Alfonso GbR
        Breslauer Str. 37
        63128 Dietzenbach
        You may use the sample revocation form for this purpose, however this is not mandatory. Sending notification of your intention to exercise your right of revocation prior to expiry of the period of revocation shall be sufficient to comply with the period of revocation.
      2. Consequences of revocation
        If you cancel this contract in whole or in part, we shall immediately refund any payments we have received from you for the cancelled items, but only after we have received and inspected the returned goods. If the returned goods are damaged or defective, we will contact you for further clarification. For the refund, we will use the same means of payment that you used in the original transaction. Under no circumstances will you be charged any fees because of this repayment.
        You must return or hand over the goods to us without undue delay and, at all events, within fourteen days at the latest from the date on which you notified us of your withdrawal from the agreement. The deadline shall be deemed to have been complied with if the goods are dispatched prior to expiry of the deadline.
        The immediate costs of returning the goods shall be borne by the customer.
      3. The right of return does not apply to individualized products. As a gesture of goodwill, a revocation can be granted if the goods have not been assembled or used. In this case, however, a handling fee will be due.
      4. Revocation form
        If you want to withdraw from your contractual statement, you may print out the sample revocation form on and send the filled out form to us.
    7. Shipping Details
      1. Shipping time
        Since we want to keep our prices stable despite increased production costs, we ship no more than twice a week to reduce logistics costs. This may lead to slightly longer waiting times.
      2. Tracking
        Immediately after payment, a tracking number is automatically created at DHL, which is transmitted to the customer. However, this does not mean that the shipment has taken place. However, the customer can already access the tracking status at this time. The status does not change until DHL has accepted the shipment, which can take several days depending on the processing time.
      3. Returns
        For ecological reasons, we refrain from automated delivery of return labels and create them only if necessary on demand. In principle, however, it is also possible for the buyer to organize the return himself.
      4. Return shipping costs
        The costs are to be borne in principle and in full by the buyer, regardless of whether a return label was issued or not. If the customer wishes to receive a return label by email, he must pay the return shipping costs in advance. This is done primarily by requesting payment via PayPal. If the customer does not have a PayPal account, he must make a bank transfer. Only after receipt of money the return label will be sent.
      5. Delivery note/packing list
        For ecological reasons, we do not prepare delivery bills or packing lists.
      6. Insurance
        All goods are shipped as insured shipment including tracking by DHL and their respective international shipping partners.
      7. Weight
        Only orders up to 31.5 kg can be processed. Orders above this weight are not categorically banned, but cannot be shipped via DHL. In addition, they require a case-by-case consideration and are subject to increased shipping costs.
      8. Surcharges
        Currently, all domestic shipping prices include 0.02€ and all international shipping prices include 0.12€ GoGreen surcharge. Each shipping price also includes 0.11€ toll and CO2 surcharge. Shipping prices to the UK also include a 4.49€ Brexit surcharge. All surcharges are levied by DHL and may change at any time.
      9. Loss of a shipment
        If there is a suspicion that a shipment has been lost, it is the customer’s duty to contact us first. We will then consult with DHL. If this does not result in delivery, we can initiate a follow-up request. For this purpose, a recipient declaration of the customer is necessary, in which he assures in writing that he has not received the package. The customer will receive this by email from us. Only then can we act accordingly. Whether and at what point in time a replacement delivery is made will require a case-by-case examination.
      10. Partial loss or damage of a delivery
        If the delivery arrives but is incomplete or damaged, the customer is obliged to inform us immediately by email. Moreover, photos of the package as well as of the goods must be attached. Furthermore, the customer must make a damage report to the local post office and fill out an inspection document within 6 days. Especially in case of international shipments, local post offices may try to attribute the responsibility to the sender country. This is not correct, however, which is why we advise you to be persistent in such cases. Only if we receive an inspection document within the specified period, the damage can be compensated. Otherwise any claim for compensation expires.
      11. Additional delivery attempts and additional costs
        If the shipment does not reach the customer at the first delivery attempt without this being clearly attributable to fault on our part or on the part of the logistics partner DHL or its foreign partner companies, the customer must pay for the costs of the additional delivery attempts as well as any costs for return deliveries to us.
    8. Warranty
      1. Rules of warranty according to German laws apply. This website is presented by twenty4action from Germany, and twenty4action makes no representation that materials in the website are appropriate or available for use in locations outside Germany. In addition, you are responsible for complying with any and all local laws in your jurisdiction that may impact your right to use the website and the products sold on it.
      2. The warranty does not apply to wear parts such as screws, nuts, ball bearings, shock pads, wheels or grip tapes. Also excluded are parts that are abraded, broken or worn due to lack of maintenance or improper storage, or that suffer a defect due to improper use.
      3. The warranty is void if spare parts are used that are not JMKRIDE original spare parts or JMKRIDE products are combined with those of other manufacturers. Likewise, the warranty is void if Unger & Cardenas Alfonso GbR was not notified in time of the damage of a product or the customer has not fully complied with the terms of payment.
    9. Safety Instructions
      The following safety instructions must always be observed. In addition, you will find them in each set of skates after opening the package as follows:
      Safety instructions! Please read!
      By removing this carton from the box in order to assemble your skates, you agree to acknowledge the following:
      Skating is an extreme sport and therefore a dangerous activity. You can reduce the risks for yourself and others around you by being responsible and by observing the three steps noted below:1. Service & Maintenance
      JMKRIDE skates include replaceable components that wear during normal skating.
      Always inspect your skates before use an make sure all screws and nuts are tight and the wheels spin freely. Always inspect wheels for heavy wear or fissures and cracks in the hub. Inspect deck and truck for sharp edges created through damage or wear. If necessary, remove burs and sharp edges or replace worn wheels or other components before use. Never modify your skates or replace parts with other than genuine JMKRIDE spare parts and wheels.
      2. Protective Gear
      Always wear a helmet, wrist guards, knee and elbow pads when skating. Never go
      without the full protective gear. Make sure your protective gear has the right size. Be aware that even full protective gear can never fully protect you.
      3. Responsible Riding
      Ride safely and stay in control at all times. Always inspect the riding surface for suitability before riding. Surfaces must be clean, dry and smooth. Stay off the road or other places with heavy traffic and skate according to local regulations. Always be aware of people and vehicles or other skaters around you in order to avoid accidents. Children should only skate in company of adults.
      The seller, distributor, manufacturer, importer, and creators of this product assume no responsibility for damage or injury which may be caused by use of this product whether caused by negligence, accident, or otherwise.
    10. Contractual language, jurisdiction and venue
      As contractual language, only German can be accepted. You agree that any legal action brought against twenty4action shall be governed by the laws of Germany without regards to conflict of law principles. You agree that the sole jurisdiction and venue for any litigation arising from your orders made on our website shall be an appropriate German court of law.

Last update of Terms and Conditions: 25 August 2023

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